16. 2. Michelada

🇸🇮 To pijačo sva povsod videvala ampak pivo zmešano s paradižnikovim sokom in pikantno omako se res ni slišalo kot kakšen presežek. No sprobat je treba vse, pa v bistvu sploh ni tako grozno kot se sliši. Po nekaj požirkih se kar navadiš in bi lahko še eno. Mogoče pa res…

Mexica michelada

🇬🇧 We’ve been seeing this drink everywhere but it sounded like a horrible idea to mix beer and tomato juice and chilli sauce, like what? Today was the day to try it and hey, it tastes much better than it sounds, it’s actually quite good!

  • Mexican lager beer
  • tomato juice or in some cases clamato, which is tomato juice mixed with clam broth (again, what?)
  • few splashes of hot clilli sauce
  • few splashes of Maggi sauce
  • lime juice
  • salt and chilli for the rim

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