Two months & peace of mind

Ready for isolation

We’ve been traveling for two months now and it’s incredible to think about the timing of everything. It is almost impossible to comprehend the magnitude of this global Covid-19 crisis – watching the news and knowing all the updates might give you an idea, but it will almost certainly drive you crazy as well. It surely drove Tina crazy for quite some days while we were trying to regain some control over the coming weeks and months, discussing if it will remain safe to stay in Mexico and if we should report to our government but what if they recommend we go home, is that even an option? Where would we even go? But as Katja said, the world is our home now. After all, wasn’t adventure what we were after, and to spend as much time together as possible? We got an adventure for sure. Be careful what you wish for? 🙂 We’re doing well at the moment, settled in our apartment, and besides some groceries shopping and the occasional stroll to the beach, keeping to ourselves as much as possible.

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