Five months

🇸🇮 Sva mislila, da niti slučajno ne bova rabila 180 dni vize, ki jo Mehika podeli tujcem ob vstopu. Pa morava ta teden na urad za tujce vprašat za podaljšanje, ker kot zgleda do konca julija še ne bova letela nikamor! Te dni uživava na Cozumelu, zato je malo lažje sprejemat to zmešano situacijo po svetu.

El Cielo

🇬🇧 We were sure that 180 days of tourist visa in Mexico will be more than enough, and what do you know – this week we have to ask for a prolongation at the immigration office because we won’t be able to fly anywhere yet in July! They say adventure is the willingness to accept an uncertain outcome. We’re enjoying Cozumel these days so it’s a lot easier to accept the madness of the situation around the world.


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